selected writing


Science Fiction Ideas 2015

A Message of Unknown Purpose 2014

The Lunar Hamsters of 8G-932 2013

Jawbreaker’s Major-Label Album 2012

hikikomori 2007

Lisa Jarnot 2006

Today The Sky is Blue and White with Bright Blue Spots and a Small Pale Moon and I Will Destroy Our Relationship Today 2006


14 Poems 2023

Myna Birds 2021

Mending 2021

Meditation 2020

Antirelationship Period 2020

seven poems 2020

Four-Minute Poem for Mal’s Wedding 2016

‘May 18 2014’/‘iPhone tweet-drafts I’m abandoning’ poem 2014

ugly fish poem 2008 

i went fishing with my family when i was five 2007 

hot amoeba ass 2006

the MFA in hamsters 2006

this emotion was a little e-book 2006

text messages

"Jeff" (Andrew II): A Dialogue of Texts in the Second Year of Drugs and Kindness 2012

"Andrew": A Dialogue of Texts in the Year of Drugs and Kindness 2011

other writing

The Leave Society Cookbook 2022

Book recommendations for Document 2020

Thing recommendations for The Strategist 2018

Book recommendations for The Week 2018

syllabus for my Sarah Lawrence class 2015


My development as a Poet 2013

The Contemporary Short Story 2012

"Kmart Realism" Contextualized 2010

interviews conducted by me

Riane Eisler 2022

Nicolette Polek re Imaginary Museums 2020

Kristen Iskandrian re Motherest 2017

Clancy Martin re Love and Lies 2015

Ben Lerner re 10:04 2014

Ben Lerner re Leaving the Atocha Station 2011

Scott "Stza" Sturgeon 2011

Noah Cicero re Best Behavior 2010

Joy Williams re The Changeling 2008

[seven authors who taught my writing] 2008

Deb Olin Unferth re Minor Robberies 2007