Prints of my 8" x 8" mandalas—drawn with colored pencil/pen—are for sale. Printed on Moab Bright paper, they're signed/dated on the back. 16 prints (see below) are available. See all my mandalas here

*All orders come with a page of something I've printed and edited by pen. Orders of >1 print come with a signed copy of one of my books, chosen by me. Orders of 5 or more prints also get a free print that's not one of the ones shown below.

 After clicking "Buy Now," type the print(s) you want in the "Description" bar. The button might not work on some phones. Instead of using the button, you can PayPal binky.tabby [at] gmail [dot] com, adding the shipping cost ($8 domestic, $18 international).

Questions and answers

Q: How much is shipping?

$8 for domestic orders (USPS priority), $18 for international orders (first-class). 

Q: Are these the same size as the originals?

Yes. To get an idea of the size, watch this video

Q: What’s your process?

I discuss my process in interviews here and here.

Q: Have these been shown in person?

14 prints were shown in 2022 at Ka-Vá Bar in Brooklyn. See photos here

Q: Where can I email other questions?

binky.tabby [at] gmail [dot] com.

Q: Can I buy these in bulk at a discount to sell in my store?

Yes, email me.

time mandala (2023)

I listened to alien podcasts while drawing this, including interviews with Andrew Basiago, who claims to have been in a secret program— Project Pegasus—with eight working modes of time-travel.

mandala 59 (2023)

I drew this from November 14 to January 1.

mandala 56 (2022)

 I drew this from September 15 to October 6. I don't know how many mandalas I’ve completed (many aren't posted online), but it’s probably around 56, and 56 seemed like a good number for this.

mandala 16 (2015)

Two people can play chess on this.

loop mandala (2022)

 I drew this from September 1-15.

star mandala (2022)

An earlier draft of this, without the glow (see here), is also available.

autism mandala (2022)

I drew this while tweaking/editing my autism essay.

symbols mandala (2016)

I drew this while drafting my book Trip (2018).

cats/aliens mandala (2021)

This mandala features cats and aliens with neutral, calm, satisfied, pleased, content, delighted, and happy facial expressions.

torsion mandala (2021)

Nikolai Kozyrev (1908-1983) studied torsion, an effect that mainstream physics seems to know little to nothing about. Read about it here.

mandala 13 (2014)

This mandala is one of my favorites that I've drawn. I drew it relatively fast. There is a large, inconspicuous babyhead in it.

numbers mandala (2015)

This mandala was partially inspired by DNA and the I Ching. DNA has 64 codons and the I Ching has 64 hexagrams. 

mandala 25 (2015)

This mandala—in part and blue tinted—is on the cover of Trip: Psychedelics, Alienation, and Change.

water mandala (2020)

This mandala was inspired by water.

Dudu mandala (2016)

This mandala was inspired by Dudu, my parents' toy poodle. Dudu was born on November 22, 2007. She lives in Taipei.

cannabis mandala (2015)

This mandala combines cannabis and hamsters.

mandala 12 (2014)

This mandala was on the cover of an issue of Vice in 2014.

mandala 8 (2014)

This mandala reminds me of the shapes of tomatoes a little.